Jake Barren
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Thank you for all your contributions during my immigration process. I needed help having my IELTS Certificate as i had failed the exam close to four times already. Clearly, they have had years of experience dealing with the different cases and my process was hassle-free. I found it extremely convenient for me to have an agency who has had experience with similar issues to handle mine, and eventually my applications were all successful with my certificate they provided. I am extremely fortunate to have had you as my agency.
Jullia Trosser
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I definitely recommend Goodandlegitkushonlinestore as they not only focus on the ITA’s but they do look out for the opportunities of individuals. I nearly lost hope in my marriage until I explained the problems I was facing with my wife. I talked to Susan and she encouraged me to come sign a contract with Goodandlegitkushonlinestore and they will be able to hack my wife’s Whatsapp and Instagram accounts. The long and short of everything is I clearly just had trust issues and today, I am still happily married with my wife and I am very happy with the situation I made. Thanks
Andrew Stone
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The staff’s positive attitude has had a terrific effect on the way my application has prospered. Your continued effort help things run smoothly, and I really appreciate your support. I am lucky to have someone with your experience to guide me through my migration process. I couldn’t have gotten my US Passport without your expert services.
Leo Barret
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The services here has made our dream come true, I’m from Jordan and my wife is from Korea, we were looking for the perfect agency to help her settle down. Thanks to the entire team for helping her out with her Canadian ID Card and Residence Permit.
Cynthia Marley
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Goodandlegitkushonlinestore has been helping our family with immigration to several European countries for over 5 years now, the team is so professional and cooperative, their services are very affordable compared to other consultants. We highly recommend them for all of these services they offer!
Mark Troy
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I can’t believe how easy it was for me to have a marriage certificate using the Services. Their services are extremely powerful and really helped me achieve my migration dreams. This little but hard to achieve dream of mine had me moving from one agency to another, and up till today I will forever cherish the day I came across the website. To the whole team I want to say I am forever grateful and will always pray for me.

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